Why God Cried Uncontrollably When He Told John To Weep Not!

    -Repent Into The Rapture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B11d60-TEns&t=44s see here, http://repentintorapture17.blogspot.com 

     -They're All Coming, listen here, https://youtu.be/h_HffjBYeyQ or read here, http://legendsofthefallapb17.blogspot.com/2017/07/prophecy-link-to-be-seeing-hand-write.html?m=1

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and ninety-seven 07/07/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, www.2016theauthenticparable.blogspot.com

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     -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb

     -I dozed into a sleep just now, 06/28, and saw the word "NOW!" like the word India, years past, as a blinking light of caution, (for the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?

     ...So Judgement Now, As In Now!

     -As I listen to radio hosts one after another, I know, like drinking battery acid for water, still I pay attention as they give God's people. Actually the worse advice one after another, just encouraged into one abomination after another, even thinking the evil they do is funny. Only, I was reminded how obviously these people have no ideal one day they'll be judged by what, how and why they mislead so many of God's people.
     -There was one who threaten to write a book on how better to enter into sexual promiscuity, those for which Jesus threaten to toss in a sick bed, worse than death, again, finding this hilarious. Being responsible for placing God's people souls' in danger, by telling them or encouraging them along one transgression after another, a deception that's even more deadly to damning, as God's Judgement no longer further's its delay.
    -I know, but what are Talk Show to Radio host to do, quit? The answer to that question is where and how they want to spend eternity, for if the righteous, this plenteous mass assembly and counting are commanded to get themselves to altars of repentance. Truly, it make you wonder what chance does the ungodly actually have, how will they, apostate churches stand, ever? Especially as I witnessed lately having vicious beast tearing at their altars, their world dominance, their porches and their money markets, just this relentless crash that keeps into the collapse of it all.  
    -I was sitting one day, I was watching TV, I was folding clothes, when all of a sudden right in my ear I heard and I quote. "Somebody need to tell them, somebody need to warn them," so urgent this repeat; "somebody need to tell them, somebody need to warn them!" To get to churches, to pastors, to ministers, to messages of Christ, to learn of end times events, for a times darkness (that rise of those two great beast of Rev. 13. just as Senator to President Obama) is coming, again seeing just last night, 07/21/2017 a hand writing the word 13, the two end time beast of Rev. 13, rose to further fruition, just as Obama's Administration, and here lately as Obama's timetable ended the descent of Jesus' Millennium.
     -You see, if you so knew Christ into bible prophecy, then you would know the moment President Bush declared war on the axis of evil, this was a run signal. If you knew Christ into bible prophecy. you would've known, the moment Obama's Administration signed off on the same sex marriage vote Even why these various host sound more like devils and demons, then you would know, this was a run signal. If you knew Christ into bible prophecy, you would've known not only was Trump/Pence ticket into Presidential win a Truexit, you would've realized Trump and Putin supposedly handshake 07/07/2017, felt around the world, that's two years to the date of Cameron's pending Brexit, 07/06/2015.
      -Of course, additionally you would've known this was a run signal, this is why Holy Spirits then, 1998 suggested you learn both Christ and end time events because Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and we witnessed the total end of all nation building when we witness here lately as 2016, the glorious ascension of Jesus' Millennium. These, just as the dispensation of grace to the Church Age right into Obama's 84 months and two weeks time table ended, 06/26/2015, again, all while reminded of what is now been deem a Brexit into the EU revision of allowing the Antichrist His Reign, that truth underlining the US to other leaders tussling along a tug of nuclear war.
     -The Holy Spirits brought a young black male not to terrorize him as mightily as he did, but as to fulfill the incalculable cries of hell, that Elohim, yet take pity and warn the barely living, through hell isn't the reality, still that they not come to this place of the disastrous damned. I pull one part of this frighten boy testimony of being brought directly into the Great White throne Judgment. One woman in particular out of plenty is accused of a social media post. This particular one that then mislead hundreds of thousands of people. Being an outreach minister I want all those from popes, presidents, politicians, philosophers, preachers, pedophiles, to parents. Definitely, all who are in a position where they give the Genesis human some kind of advice.
     -I want you to reconsider just how many lives to how many people you infect with your alternate of Christ's Cross Righteous Message. Just how many from this single, to hundreds to thousands to millions of persons are you in a position to mislead in a single day? What you do with your soul, that is your choice, Jesus died to free you up to make that choice. Dying to lose for all eternity, dying to forfeit the temporal, until eternities with Christ.  Although, when you advice others into a lifestyle that transgresses against Christ's Cross, again jeopardizing souls other than your own. Be very aware of this woman made the example, again how many people have you mislead, straight into hell with purpose to increase your ratings? Right this second into the the next the identical cry that churches themselves get to Jesus Christ, that churches themselves, see Rev. 1-3 chapters


     -Now said call goes like this even as I quote 'get ye to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood, meaning when the wine press of God's wrath start to avenge every ounce of blood on this planet spilled having His  Anointed name on it, it is indeed the day of God's wrath and all parents, all righteous, unrighteous have been commanded to be killed, with a cry 2003 and just before Trump's inauguration, why Jesus called them thieves and robbers, all, putting only one of such deaths at 50 Million, with me, this end time Apostle the last couple days again, finding these odds quarters; unmistakably, the reminder the pale horse judgment pending Us soil is to claim a quarter of earths inhabitants.  
     -Herein my workmanship in Christ Jesus, be as crystal clear as the gigantic, by way of a 3:00 O'clock sun, blocking out the entire sky, crystal, diamond carved dove. That I additionally witnessed come for us. this is only one death bringer, many, the greater will follow. So as in the days of Ezekiel, this righteous manslaughter has begun this entire world's apostate sanctuary, US soil right into what will be Israel's yet pending 42 months. That's of a 84 month allied Israeli/Islam/European peace accord, again the truth at the root of Putin and Trump now famous handshake. This well prophesied, soon is come a thought to be insignificant but all the more a saboteur into this world greatest despot ever; here comes the final and last Antichrist of Holy Spirit's crying he will millions of those made impoverished, beware as God Himself, Apb, The RAM! see here, www.lordurusalem.blogspot.com               


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