They're All Coming, Get You And Yours Southeast Into An American Exodus

-Repent Into The Rapture see here, .

     -Article... “I do not know what this is happening now. Maybe the Earth experiences the influence of something from outer space. Or something started with the Earth itself. Or simply our planet is tired of everything that we do with it. None of the scientists know.  ...We can only observe, analyze and model what it can lead to. I do not know what happens to the Earth, but we all need to prepare for the worst! “                Article...

Prophecy Links, Already Heard In My Ears, 2017

     “Yours is a nuclear fate, 50 millions will die, kill all parents, finish all schools, Judgment is now! 2017

The Parable Of The Grim Reaper, A Beast Eating Their Peace Getting Porches,  The Perilous Of Times Hath Come,

Prophecy Link,

     -Seem to be seeing a hand write the number 55, losing access to my earlier links, I don't rightly know what this is to mean, only that Holy Spirit since 2002, and again 2017, put a death toll at 50 million, and I heard in my hearing "50 millions will die,"can this happen US soil, doing the days of God's wine press which has come, yes, easily, 50 millions and counting! It's even the fourth seal pale
horse of death seen to be allied by a horse if Hades affecting a quater of the earth, meaning hundreds of millions, (Judgement, Hell), Beware, Apb
   -That The Wind Hurt Not The Earth, Nor The Trees Until The Sealing Of God's Anointed!

     -If you think what I am about to tell you can't happen, that it isn't right now, and the emphasis being on "NOW!" under your noses, your deaf ears, blind eyes and harden heart, happening. Indefinitely be reminded of a God who is more angry at America, at this rebellious world as the days of Noah's Flood, Lot's Sodom and Nimrod's Towel of Babel. Even that you can still hear Holy Spirits explaining to Apostle John, how five are fallen, one is and one haven't yet come, it's God showing that He alone has been in control of the rise and fall of nations, lives, lands and churches now it's America's to Western Rule timetable that has ended. This same Holy Spirits who has warn Apostle by two dreams only days past using the word NOW,  to point out Judgment NOW! And simply the word 
NOW! Decorated like the country India years past, as a blinking light of caution!    
     -My children moving to Georgia after a long battle with staying in Tennessee has been an arduous task, whose timing is curiously brilliant, and once they made this decision, lets just say, things just seem to go right. My children altering their plans from transferring an ailing parent from Georgia to
Tennessee, well lets just say, isn't a coincidence. They don't know this, but after so long this plan to remain in Memphis only now to move to Georgia, that's as far south east as possible,. That it is exactly two years to the month and date of the dream I had 2015, where my now ascended husband
Mack, I told you who in my dreams even before ascension always act as a type of Jesus. Just so you know, all my treasures being in heaven, my children, grands are my second heart, Jesus, the Bridegroom, being my first heart.
     -In this particular dream of June 26th 2015, he, this husband had come and he'd taken all my grandchildren away. Whereas further in the dream I learn they'd been taken and placed with my oldest granddaughter, curiously, the only one of my grands who wasn't in Tennessee, but was instead
station in Georgia. As I said, the timing of this decision to instead find a homestead in Georgia and move there, again, exactly two years to the exact month and date of the moving to Georgia dream is
unknowingly an act of obedience, whereas only targeting loved ones made it possible, right into lately hearing Caden's mom in the distant from the phone ask, "is she ready?"
      -In the dream itself, her son Caden, mixed with a distant relative Cameron was the one who asked this question "are you ready?" Right before departure; right before I heard a voice lament "it's all about Cameron," (see America's distant relative, P. M. Cameron between June 26-July 10, 2015, this certainty that America, the West is ending, this pending Brexit into Trump the Truexit). You may ask is there a danger to be concern about? Yes, but first, one of my oldest granddaughters and I have paid
curious attention to weather maps, and for a long time have been amazed. That's how certain extreme weather patterns for more times than we can count has mysteriously like zick-zagged not only around  Memphis, but around Tennessee, one was so obvious recently I reacted with mouth gasping awe.
     -I know what you gonna say, Memphis just wrestled with a dozy of a storm here lately, yes, only I was in Georgia visiting this sick relative at the time, and only got word days later, when a Memphianvisiting brought it to our attention. Surely, now, after these plans to get to Georgia more and more these extreme weather patterns once zick-zagging about are now using especially Memphis as it's bull's eye, again seeing this obvious change, I was as well shocked. You see this dream about my
Jesus' husband moving us to Georgia in the dream by departure date of September 25th is only one of three other dreams I've had about him, since his passing February 2012; clearly all three dreams were about getting out of Memphis Tennessee, you ask why? Then I clearly say, because the great day of God's wrath, that's to be poured out on American soil at this time; meaning whatever evac-uations there are right now, will eventually be an exodus out of the country, be further forewarn, just a night or so ago, I witnessed Holy Spirits pull the word "HORRIBLE," right out of this daily work.
     -Said depleting to deleting America will begin along the Western Seaboard and immediately spread far into the north and Midwest, yes as far West as Tennessee, Then a disaster as a Yellowstone eruption an extinction level event all its; own, well, those who been reading behind me know, every
form of event that can end not only America, but the world are on a daily basis showing heighten activity, especially Yellowstone. A Yellowstone eruption, a nation to earth ender itself, acting as a domino effect to other teetering fault-lines will wipe out thousands upon thousands miles of land mass, simultaneously taking out millions of lives, lands and churches. Evidently, just as I was warn of the death rider, bringer of death 1996, that I further witnessed like a Yellowstone eruption be release from beneath the earth. I Apostle witnessed as the earth, Damater open up and this rider of mayhem, pandemonium and mass death was release right of it. The reason why I say they're coming, any and all that can desolate Us to Western soil, wherever they are, but right now lets play follow the leader and get as far from the West, as getting Southeast will take you, you have been warn, Apb, The RAM... as you love, share. hear what I've spoken here, 


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