My Ending Concern Will I Finish This Before North Korea Bomb Us?

Since The Foundation Of The Earth, And They Will Know, I Alone, Am God

-Hey Geoffrey, everyone else, I was working on a blogspot, entitled My Ending Concern Is that North Korea Doesn't Bomb Us Before I'm Finish! The blog began with me describing my beliefs into evacuation and a pending American exodus of millions verses all others unbelief and viewing Beyonce's Mansion. Soon, literally everywhere I was doing this research had an article about North Korea. So to be honest I logged onto NTEB to see whether you would as well, and the first thing I read is the United States tells North Korea They Are Ready To Go To War To Stop Their Nuclear Missile Program. You all little know this, or perhaps knowing God you do, it's the timing, the timing is everything. As has been prophesied, this is going to happen, I Apostle have a prophecy, dating back twenty years next year of 2018, that's of seeing, of witnessing an Asian invasion on US soil.
-Only my dilemma and now yours, well it is that two years prior 1996, and the weirdest dream lately of a Miya girl and I being again on St. Elmo street where I received this very prophecy in the beginning. You all know, when I witnessed this death rider, set against what Holy Spirits described as being abominations to detestations upon yours lives, lands and churches, (like right now, see a Vatican priest, a drunken, gay orgy of being arrested, I know too sick to imagine), its all mass assembly now having a vicious beast running right through it. It was this single rider, grim reaper which when the earth, Damater just open up, and this great rider of death leaped up, now I know, is a type of an extinction. level event. As so like a Yellowstone, it coming from beneath the earth, as so Yellowstone is only one of many making of such master disasters seeming to be more active and threatening since it's last eruption over six hundred thousand years past.
-Evenly what could easily be what John is describing behind the sixth seal and what I described seeing as of the parable, The Phoenix, www.thephoenix1012.blogspot..., and as described above off seeing just days past, bits and pieces of America scorching as to inundate the entire heavens above, again seeming, doing a rapture scene. That of the entire sky crystallizing and cracking apart all along huge shods of glass that fell to the earth like missiles themselves, so the question regarding the Noah Ark in the room, is will God, by His wine press, that's as the days of Noah suddenly end millions of Americans lives? For 31 springs into it's fullness of time, 2001-2017, I knew the answer to this question, was given Ezekiel 4, twice, as to clarify to you the Intrepid dream timetable of 15.10 years of America weight of blood guilt, set to end by great cataclysms in only a few month. Well, both concerning and remarkable, He, God, Elohim is the same Righteous Judge from the foundation of the earth until this very second. Thus this mention of timing, remarkably by an act of divine intervention, getting me off to safe places not of my making, partly fulfilling the ETE dream, of a September 23-25th, of an escape.
-So much so I can now tell you, don't think about it, get to wherever you want to be when this, a Yellowstone type disaster happen, preferably the extreme south east. For when 190 years is suddenly lost, so will be any manner of advance mobility, as so remember. Honestly, It was one of the dream of the Bride being captured out, was this witness of Nuclear missiles climbing up to fall, just as we soured higher and higher into the heavens above. As I said doing my videos, you do not want to be the ones inquiring about about those amazing lights shrinking higher and higher into the heavens, into the Lamb's marriage supper, you want to be those stunning, flash lights shrinking further into the paradise of God, awake, repent, escape, in that order, Apb, The RAM, see more the urgent depleting of all timetables here,

Prophecy Links -Seen to be seeing the word NOW, in a word puzzle, as in Judgment NOW! As in just as Angel Gabriel 2004, forewarn, all prophesied these thousands of years is right as we commune being totally fulfilled, beware), Apb -Seen to be seeing, only days past, the word NOW, only it's highlighted, like the country of India years past, with blinking lights of caution (beware, Holy Spirit is desperate that you all know, all these prophetic things are happening no further delay, beware), Apb -Seen to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, see King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, Dan. 2, beware), Apb

Apostles Note:

    -From the prophets of old, right into those this very second crying "get ye to repentant alters," God is avenging martyred blood, (see thou hurt not the oil and the wine, divine outreach). These various scenes below is where my belief, to evacuation to a pending Us exodus of millions is, just below these images of a nearing extinction level event, pending Us soil in only a few month.
     -Just below said videos I will as well demonstration where your belief, especially as an American possibly is, beware, God, by the Holy Spirit has twice in only a couple week, used the word NOW! To equally warn how said pouring out of His Wrath, not mine will not wait, said judgement to sentence to cataclysms is NOW! See the legalization of abominations here, and here,

    -Where My belief, my 31 years of prophecies to evacuation, to an American Exodus is, now pending, an Asian Invasion, to A Yellowstone Eruption And Pale Horse disasters, beware!

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Like The Days Of Noah, A See, Hear, Feel No Evil Stance, A Truexit Now Called A Normalcy Bias 

     Where Americans Crying Trump (the truexit, ESCAPE!), make America Great Again, To Person Following Apostate Church Leaders, Belief Is

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My ending concern, will I finish this before North Korea Bomb Us?


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