And It Shall Come To Pass At The Same Time When Gog Shall Come

-They're All Coming, see here, or read here,

     -The Russians Are Coming, Article.. ( So Which is it? Nuclear War, Civil War, Yellow Stone, Storms Triple Katrina, Another Carrington Effect, Nibiru, A Pale Horse Judgment And Lest I Forget, The Rapture? 
     -All of which are baffling scientist at showing heighten activity and rising into fruition right now, all are as the days of Noah, of Lot, coming Us soil in one manner or another, beware, Apb -They're All Coming, see here, or read here, 

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     -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb, see also

           The Fury Come Into God's Face At A Trump Pence Ticket Of Witnessing The Antichrist In Great Prowess,

    -And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, that my fury shall come up in my face. Eze. 38:18, this is the same fury I witness come into God's face concerning a Trump/Pence, ticket meaning not only does nation building turn now toward these unthinkable evils. Evenly so it is that a wicked spirit engineering strong delusions forewarn 1998 as a coming darkness, as now a Trump Whitehouse was working mightily about as the end of Western Civilization, as in not making itself anew right into the last week of Daniel. The rise of Antichrist was actually upon us, explaining as the days of Hussein Obama's Presidential campaign, now so doing Trumps, I spend an entire night dreaming the Antichrist being in great prowess, as the fulfillment of all bible prophecy is upon us, as forewarn the Angel Gabriel, (534 BC 2004 AD), beware, again I say, beware.

     -And I heard in my hearing, a voice screaming 'SEVENTEEN,' the days of Noah, into the Church Age Finale, the Brides escape, into the beginning of Daniel's Week, don't be deceived!

     -Revelation 17 though Holy Spirits are instructing Apostle John not to marvel, (which reminds me doing the like a Yellowstone nation to world ending eruption, I was instructed, not to fret myself, as of Ps. 37).  Again, Holy Spirits were telling John  not to think it  strange as they reveal the demonic whore, that the mass majority of lives, lands and churches religiously and politically worship. You seen like the prophets of old, I had a showdown with this demons, coming after me for the Jesus Christ testimony I did bear. I remember I ran from this great beast as to take cover in an abandoned, red automobile, and when I did, I could all the more see it's field, after that field, and multitudes fields of it's swallow, but that was all, before the Bridegroom did come, and together we did fight, I saw that a great one was loosed and another, a greater was to come.
     -It is here that seven nations have fallen or will fall in perfect sequence of bible prophecy and now some two thousand years, as the angel Gabriel forewarn, later on to the next. Further yo explain damning allegiance is about nations once allies, turning as to sabotage the mightiest movement of Religious to Political to a world monetary systems of inconceivable whoredom blood and guts since the Roman Empire itself, this super Empire, distracting all mankind along a cry of peace and tranquility right now, the vert opposite,of holy Spirits rather crying, "get ye to repentant alters, God is avenging martyred blood crying aloud these thousands of years that he hurry and make it his will.
    - Herein aligning it's most Superior of bedazzlement of Jesus coming in like an expert thief and stealing out the bride away from under them all while thy follow a world leader crying permanent merrymaking this thieving liar additionally what God's aiming fury is about. A single end time marker, Super powers declaring peace and safety, all of you heard him, just as so, this one a certainty the Apostle Paul prophesied would happen, a delusional cry of peace and safety just before the great gathering of saints and the Antichrist reveal. The greatest outbreak of mortuary there ever was or shall ever be again, until not only did John see a rider of death (intrepid dream 2001), he as well saw that a horse of Hades(death, judgment and hell), road with him..
    -Right now originally, this article is about Russia deploying troops to Korean soil instead of what has been equally prophesied doing this age of the end of nations, American soil, more so to be assured God will then use a natural disaster to perform the extinction level event that must happen. This sudden turning to announce an all clear that is America make you wonder is that what this hand sake around the word was actually about? All while Holy Spirits are crying, apparently not like delusional Westerners, ours, yours, theirs is an all clear, but instead theirs, yours ours is a nuclear fate, into a pale horse judgment one of which this Apostle has heard twice cry, some fifteen years aparts, 2002, 2017 "fifty millions will die!"
     All the more here reminding me to  remind you, Holy Spirit been playing this weird word puzzle game lately, something I've come to suspect is a parody to Trump's celebrity tweets, like here only days ago there was a voice screaming the word SEVENTEEN," as in the days of Bush's war on the axis of evil we were told to "mark, 17 and 7." Where only days prior, as one was working a word puzzle, moving the word NOW around soon to come this forewarning, of "Judgment Now!" As so, even more recent, did I see in another vision the word "NOW!" As it was decorated, as I saw the word India years past, with blinking lights of caution." It, these various deliveries of foretelling and alerts is ever the evidence, how God's Grace is ever long-suffering not willing any perish, but beyond we now enter into His Righteous wrath, though he know the way of the righteous, and the second death hath no power, the way of the ungodly shall perish, that by their apostate lives,they're more antichrist. Awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, The RAM,   


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