Sound A Solemn Assembly, Sanctify A Fast, Synchronize Israel, Judgment Is Now!

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and eighty-six 06/26/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy 

  -Repent Into Rapture see here,

-Four Sinners Prayers

 -Article...Massive ‘Sky Spectacle’ Causes Traffic Chaos | Severe Storms cause “Climate Chaos,” Articles (Look Up, For Thy Salvation Draws Near), Apb

-So Which is it? Nuclear War, Civil War, Yellow Stone, Storms Triple Katrina, Another Carrington Effect, Nibiru, A Pale Horse Judgment And Lest I Forget, The Rapture? All of which are showing heighten activity and rising right now, All are coming Us soil in one manner or another, beware, Apb

Prophecy Links, 1986-2016/17

     -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb

     -All Gone Before Thieves And Robbers, Kill All Parents, Finish All Schools, Judgment Is Now!

     -Sound A Solemn Assembly, Sanctify A Fast, Synchronize Israel, Judgment Is Now!

Article...The Elite Must Surrender, Article, (repent or perish, all this earth, hold on to Jesus).

     -Out of no conquest nor request of my own, regardless what would end up being my version of the well prophesied Revelation 12 sign. That just as many by dreams, visions and visitation to heaven and heaven visiting them have entirely been made to believe. Surely what is the Brides, estimated time of escape, that's of September 23rd of this year of 2017, meaning only a few months from now, something I even said after this dream. For those who\'re saying such was said 2015, well the infraction here, has to do with those two years, these two years themselves are highly prophetic. Those which date back to Jesus's birth and King Herod sending assassins to prevent him, to prevent Israel's King to this world's Blood Redeemer, by targeting children from new born to two years old, see as I eventually did, how it was explained here, ( and praise the Holy Lords of Israel accordingly.
     -I just glanced at the date,(06/26), and realized, I'm making this dream a better revelation around the exact month to date I received it, one morning, 2015, can't be a coincidence, seeing the spirit of prophecy, Jesus, herein His Anointed, the Bride don't believe in coincidences, I remember this date,, 2015 as it was about a week prior before something prophetically concerning was breaking news about Prime Minister Cameron. That was just as soon Syria with Russia allying. if and when you want to keep abreast about end time prophecy, enacted live our daily breaking of news, keep your eyes especially on Syria's Assad and all the Areas of Megiddo, (simply a march into what is mankind's final battle, Armageddon). So is the action of holy spirits taking hold live, of grandson Caden, that he's to instead bring me up, out right into a news report concerning failed cease fire, Syria, Russia and other nations.    
     -Now to carry on, here is how the dream began. I woke from sleep this same morning, again 2015, I immediately realized my husband Mack, (Mack gave up the ghost into ascension February 2012), he'd come without further notice he's grabbed my, well our  grandchildren and left me behind. The history with us, is that there is nothing we wouldn't do for our grandchildren, and we'd made an oath, even forfeited what had become a lucrative relocation, that we abandon getting back to our grands instead. Horrified when I realized it, I got right on the phone to him, (you probably should know, I haven't had a dream about my husband, whereas my husband in the dream wasn't a type of Jesus Christ), So without hesitation I get on the phone to him, and my eldest granddaughter answered, (at the time, my eldest granddaughter was the only one of nine grands plus one, {see DeAnthony,, who was out of town, of Memphis.
     -By the way all my grands have been anointed upon that they're found worthy to escape, just as well my eldest at the time was in Georgia. Soon sitting like now, behind my desk, ministering Jesus is Lord, the heart, the blood or you perish, into every second, I look up, though he has the appearance of Cameron, a by marriage, distant relative, it is Caden, one you all know as minister Caden (I again need you to take in the fact, I rose from bed this morning soon deciding I would clarify the one dream I've gravely learn is a depiction of the Revelation 12 sign, unbeknownst to me until a moment ago, exactly two years to it's specific date, June 2015, O happy day O happy deity), Then this Caden/Cameron said, well asked, like now, are you ready? I raised from thirty one springs of ministering Christ Jesus, even the spirit of prophecy.
     -Thinking I'm escaping the city, that it's time, like this same husband had forewarn several times, not realizing additionally, I'm off to blessed glorification, resurrection and the marriage supper of the Lamb, Miraculously. the next thing I'm being assisted into my a vehicle, the same one I've always joked was my chariot, It is frightfully the same Chrysler 300, a pending coupled terrorist by the name of Syed Farook, as the forewarning Islamic terrorism to Sharia law, despite how clumsy decades of wars, were at this same time prophetically, taking the driver seat. Soon, just as I entered this escape vehicle, right below the window where Farook himself would stand, would take control and desecrate. Instead, I witnessed, momentarily a date of September 23, 25th and the dream past from me.
     -Though wait, hold up, just as I turn to walk away with Caden who was also Cameron, as a matter of fact, Caden is visiting that side of the family right now, anyway just as we made this move,  Well, I heard in my hearing and I quote, "it's all about Cameron," (you have to realize, up to now it's been all about Hussein Obama, given a timetable of two weeks and seven years that was just as well expiring so now, it's all about Cameron). It is like now, that is that the Bride, even that an An American exodus was upon mankind, the last final week or so of Hussein Obama's reign, now, it's all about Cameron who was a pending Brexit, Simply meaning, the final week of Daniel, the most prophesied Week of Years in Christendom for nearly three thousand years into this very forewarning of a rising to fall Cameron,
    -That's as it (Western Civilization beginning to end), interference will soon be meet with unthinkable cataclysms, so just think, what would have to happen that God is to end so suddenly and without further warning, America? America, like King Nebuchadnezzar was the King of all kings, actually a mockery, America is the Superpower of all superpowers again a mockery, seeing I, and an incalculable number of others have seen her end come. Even as was prophesied through Apostle John describing the fall of mystery Babylon, in all likeness such of God's wrath is taking pleasure that He's to destroy Mystery America just as entirely in only an hour. Such heart gripping evidence is why I, Apostle, keep forewarning something in the manner of an extinction level event is coming, targeting US soil, instantly, and I can't emphasize how speedily 190 years is swiftly lost of it,
    -Here, totally explaining why I've seen as many demonstrations of an American exodus (see Barack, and then Michelle Obama, and a little Miya girl, on Dunlap street, regarding those first to stampede into exodus); as that I've seen of the Bride being all of sudden snatched out. Although the most concerning of the these Exodus to Rapture visions and dreams, was one whereas Americans were captured so patiently this curse into a slow motion exodus, I say cursed, because, according to Ezekiel 5, the righteous judgment of God, view such procrastination into rebellion as having thousands of years to date, actually into this very second, as every second count of prophetic ministry thrown back at Him, His Holy Prophets, Apostles, His watcher, Such is why I've witnessed a grim reaper, one oddly bearing a sword like syringe, where right overdoes right now are known as the number killer of persons under the age of fifty, for which to stab the heart it's target of those stampeding all the more.
     -I listened to a prophetess just a day or so ago who meant well when she said, horrible wars into American's complete destruction is upon us, but if we pray we can stop this. No, not only does bible prophecy beggar to differ, so does it's end time Apostle. No, we can't save her, America like her whoring predecessor will not be saved, we can pray by the name, blood of Jesus only unto the salvation of our souls and those of our household, Constantly the same judgment set again Noah's earth and Lot's Sodom, for a certainty, it's because of America's answer God's last call that they repent instead by the legalization of same gender marriage, what to Him are abomination, of going on without Christ refused, No, though I, or an Angel from heaven tell you in any way,, form or faction there is yet hope for America that doesn't involve getting to be washed, even marked by, in Christ's blood and getting out, ...and getting out, just as the Righteous Bride by September of this year, by September of 2017. The reminder, Caden seeming interruptions just as I sit my desk, laboring this labor of love is also the forewarning, of my only fear, that I will disappear, be snatched out before a message to forewarning is finish, beware!
     -Such a time has been gravely prophesied is when something far more catastrophic than the Brides abrupt disappearance and God's Grace by IT, is gone from here. is set to happen, Everything that is to make Super disasters as Yellowstone, as a Nibiru, as another Carringtom effect, (CME), even as a North Korea/Russia/China and this tug of nuclear wars, all of which will not relent until Western rule is utterly finished. Although over a decade ago, I witnessed something similar, just this line upon line of people being evacuated along both sides of my residence, right into a well fortified Southern fence. My granddaughter who lately, went on to see evacuations that took millions into the Mexican border, I guess you can say even; Trump's wall, Billions of which could be better spent on America's exodus. So a border line soon to be enclosed, not by Mexico's government but all those convinced, and just as cursed by a dream of America's continuance.
     Also so the seeing of fuel containers.those all set in a circle, all being purposely set ablaze was from her, the dream lately, that I enacted by one of my book characters, soon described as an invasion of peace on earth, see here, (, was hers, as well. As we sat down lately 2016, a street called Spring Morning, a duck pond in the back yard, with an Intrepid auto wearing a 2017 sticker, parked just down said street, all the prophetic things of 31 years of ministering the great gathering of Saints known as the rapture. Again she told of a dream, how all of a sudden all power was lost, lights, cars, all innovations, just gone and in the dream it was so vast utility facilities were found to be totally and completely helpless. So soon she said the people just begin to walk,, just know, a spring morning, the name of this street, 1986, is when Jesus of resurrection appeared to me as I stood along a duck pond, this very resident is as well portraying. Just as so she said they all, all the people of every age, statue and ethnicity, this being a very diverse area, well country, this totally make sense, 
     -Those no longer having use of their cars, of anything convenient, they just walking, since we were already in the east, she said they started walking south, as in southeast. The automobile disappearing rapidly, doing the dream of America's blood guiltiness cast suddenly along this weigh station all along cataclysms and those sudden to disapear by this year of 2017. As so was as the car parked Spring Morning Street, the one of her dream, a white, trimmed in gold Intrepid automobile, so as she unveiled this dream of a type of EMP, and escaping people my street. Amazing we were as well being reassured about the first demonstration of rapture, 1986 into it's phenom of finale, 2017. Woe, woe and woe, Jesus hath said, those who believe not are condemn already, in other words though unbelief is your freedom, it's as equally your damnation unless it's surrender to Jesus, of divine truth making you free, awake, be aware as God Himself, Apb, The RAM, see more here and here and here,  


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